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Coordinating your pool with the surrounding landscape design adds beauty and style to the tranquillity of your private pool. Turn your pool area into an elegant oasis with the right additions, focusing on ways to highlight or compliment the natural features of the space. For example, if there’s a view, planning your landscape design to accentuate it.

Below are some other tips for beautifying the space.


Choosing Plants for Pool Areas

Look for the best plants, shrubs, trees and ornamentals that will survive and thrive when planted next to a pool as well as blend in well with the rest of your landscaping. Look for something that is easy to maintain and won’t drop too many leaves or other debris into your pool. Some good options include succulents, ornamental grasses, palms, cactus and vines like passionflower and jasmine.


Add a Cabana or a Raised Deck

Having a cabana is a great way to add functionality to your pool area so you and your guests have everything you need within arm’s reach, whether for a towel, to use the bathroom or to get food and drinks. It doesn’t have to be a fully enclosed construction either. You can opt for a pergola or a patio area with storage space, seating, a fridge, a barbecue and anything else you desire. A raised deck area gives you somewhere to relax and entertain guests with additions like hammocks, a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen.


Water Features

Water features are a great way to add sophistication and create a resort style ambience in your pool. There are a variety of choices, from sprouts tickling out of natural rocks to crisp, contemporary blade water features. Choose something that complements the style of your property and swimming pool area and is also proportionally sized for your pool. A small design may look insignificant on a larger pool and a water feature that is too grand in scale may look odd on a plunge pool.


Pool Fencing Requirements

Ensure you consider pool fencing as part of your landscaping for your pool.

All new pools must be surrounded by a fence/barrier that separates the pool from the house and surrounding properties.


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