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Swimming pools are great for cooling down and relaxing, however, many of us also like to use them for fitness.

If exercise is your primary motivator for getting a pool, you may be interested in building a lap pool. These tend to be longer in length and shorter in width, serving the main purpose of swimming laps. Even smaller properties that may not have the space for a full-sized pool may have enough room for a lap pool.  



Swimming pools used for competitive sports are typically 25 or 50 metres in length. Most residential properties obviously don’t have that kind of space. Fortunately, you don’t need your lap pool at home to be that long. It just needs to be long enough to be able to get a good stroke pace happening without having to turn around too often. 9-12 metres is typically enough to facilitate a good workout.  


Reducing Length with Resistance Jets 

One way to intensify the workout without having to add length to the pool is to include swim jets/resistant jets. These create a current that you swim in the opposite direction of, artificially adding distance to your swim without needing the same amount of space. If the flow is set at the right rate, you’ll stay in one spot while swimming without ever reaching the edge. Theoretically, you could have a very small pool using this machine while enjoying the benefits of a full-sized lap pool.  



Lap pools used for professional competitions tend to feature swim lanes that are around 2.5 metres wide. However, you don’t want your lap pool to be quite this narrow. You must consider the wave action you’ll be generating by swimming laps. The narrower the pool, the more turbulence you create, making it harder to swim and causing water to go over the sides. A good width for a lap pool is around 3 metres.  


Custom Lap Pools in Sydney 

At Premier Pools, our highly experienced luxury pool builders can build the perfect concrete lap pool for your domestic property in Sydney. Our team have custom designed and built elegant pools across the city for over 35 years and can create the perfect space for aquatic exercise. We’ll work around whatever space limitations and other requirements you have.  

Explore our portfolio of lap pools or get in touch with our team to get started on your new build. Call us today on (02) 9415 8888 or contact us online