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Fibreglass and concrete are the most common choices when finding material to build a new swimming pool. Those who opt for the first option often do so when cost is the main consideration. Fibreglass pools are a budget option whereas concrete pools are preferable when you want a fully customisable, high-end pool.  


Pros and Cons of a Fibreglass Pool 

Fibreglass pools are typically chosen purely for cost. These budget pools are pre-built using existing moulds and are easy to install, able to be completed in as little as two weeks. But with the lower price comes compromise. Fibreglass pools may look cheaper and have far more limitations in terms of size and shape.  

They are also smaller because they are pre-made and need to be transported by road. The maximum size of a fibreglass pool is around 4.2 metres wide, 12 metres long and 2.5 metres deep. Fibreglass pools feature a smooth gelcoat as standard and don’t offer the ability to add a custom finish to it, such as pebbles or tiles. Fibreglass pools may last up to 30 years.  


Pros and Cons of a Concrete Pool 

While a bit pricier (although not always on difficult sites), concrete pools are much more robust and can be fully customised. They are a popular option in Sydney due to the almost unlimited shape and size options. If you want a super long or deep pool for example, concrete is your best option. If a designer wants to incorporate a pool which complements the design of the property or development, a concrete pool is far superior.  

It’s hard to beat the look of a concrete pool. Unlike fibreglass pools, which often look generic, you can design your concrete pool however you want, from colour to shape and style. You can build it in-ground or above ground and add custom additions like steps, ledges and alcoves wherever you want. Concrete pools are perfect if you want to create a natural looking freeform pool that seamlessly blends with your landscape.  


Quality Concrete Pool Designs in Sydney 

You can have an architecturally designed and master-built concrete pool tailored to perfectly suit your property and meet your exact needs. At Premier Pools, we’re passionate about building concrete pools that look magnificent and adds value and appeal to your property.  

Our luxury custom pool builders have over 130 years of combined experience designing and constructing the finest quality pools for residential and commercial properties in Sydney. If you’re interested in finding out more about building a new concrete pool, please get in touch with our team. Call us today on (02) 9415 8888 or contact us online