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Infinity pools have gained a reputation as being one of the most visually appealing swimming pools you can build. The disappearing edge makes it appear as though the pool is flowing into the landscape, providing the exquisite appearance of water without a boundary.

Of course, all that’s really happening is that water cascading over the edge is captured in a lower pool which is fed back up, like a waterfall feature. This zero edge creates an elegant look that is especially great when there is a good view to look at over the edge.


The Challenge of Installing an Infinity Pool

Unfortunately, regulatory requirements in New South Wales make installing an infinity pool while enjoying this zero edge effect difficult on many properties. New South Wales, requires that all pools are surrounded by a fence that separates the pool from the house and surrounding properties. You are not permitted to use any part of the pool structure as a fence/barrier, often reducing the visual impact of an infinity pool. This is the same with glass window pools where the fencing may obstruct the view.


Infinity Pool Work Well on Sloping Blocks

One situation where pool fencing regulations don’t impact the effect on an infinity pool is on a steep sloping block. Since they can be built partially above the fence line, infinity and glass window pools can meet regulation and maintain the views that they were built to optimise. With the right team of pool builders, you can achieve the ultimate luxury pool at home.


Installing an Infinity Pool

The catchment and re-circulation systems in an infinity pool add a degree of difficulty beyond a basic swimming pool. A vanishing edge will add approximately 30 percent to the cost of a pool installation. However, this is all influenced by the particulars of a specific project. To prevent pool water from flowing in the wrong direction, you’ll also need a vacuum basin and a special filtration system to capture leaves, bugs and other debris at the pool’s edge.


Maintaining an Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are more complicated than your regular backyard pool, so be prepared for a little more maintenance. For example, the water catchment basin is an additional area to clean. The filtration and water pump also need to be monitored because if one gets clogged or the other breaks down, it will impact the re-circulation. As water flows over the edge of the pool and into a lower basin, it will also evaporate faster than in a typical pool.


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