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Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools have their benefits either one will work as a great addition to your property and lifestyle. Choosing between the two options is simply a matter of personal preference. Below, we look at some of the pros and cons of the two options to help you decide.  



There’s nothing like cooling down in an outdoor pool during a hot summer day. The same can’t be said during the colder months of the year. Depending on the climate where you live, this may or may not be a major issue. Enjoying an outdoor pool in a place like Sydney during winter usually requires a decent pool heater. Even then, it can be unappealing to go for a dip early in the morning or when it’s raining. An indoor pool means you can enjoy a dip anytime of the year regardless of the weather.  

It ultimately depends on what you want to use your pool for. Many people who simply use their pool for cooling down and relaxing during summer are fine with not using their outdoor pool during winter months while others who may use their pool for fitness desire year-round use.  


Sun Exposure

Exposure to the sun is another key consideration when deciding between an outdoor or indoor pool. For some people, enjoying the sunshine and getting a tan is a key aspect of enjoying a swim at the pool. Others may be more sensitive to sunburns or prefer to protect their skin and opt for an indoor pool for those reasons. It once again depends on your personal preferences.  



Outdoor and indoor pools both require maintenance and upkeep. Of course, outdoor pools are more prone to getting debris like leaves and dirt in them that may need to be cleaned out. The water in outdoor pools also evaporates at a faster rate with sun exposure. However, this can be prevented with a good pool cover, which should be used regardless of whether your pool is indoors or outdoors.  

An indoor pool area requires decent ventilation to prevent the air from becoming stuffy and pungent from the smell of pool chemicals. Issues with condensation must be managed with regular cleaning and care, ensuring you have the right equipment to manage the humidity in the space.  


Best of Both Worlds

When deciding where to build your pool, the choice shouldn’t just be between outside or inside. A pool can be partially enclosed or designed to include a pergola or shaded area with seating. Essentially, your pool can be customised entirely depending on the layout of the property and exactly what you want. 


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