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There are countless options when it comes to the design of your concrete pool. Whether you have a small backyard, a sloped backyard or a yard with unusual angles and dimensions, expert concrete pool builders know how to work around these limitations, so you have the perfect space to cool down and relax.

One key consideration of concrete pool design is determining what kind of finish you want. From natural stone tiles to glass swimming pool tiles, we look at some of the different options below.  



Pebblecrete is a common surface used to coat concrete pools and is made from a mixture of pebbles and cement. Once applied to the concrete shell, it undergoes acid or water blasting to expose the pebbles, resulting in a nice natural finish.  


Glass Bead

The modern and sophisticated version of pebblecrete, glass beads offer a durable, long lasting and smooth finish for your concrete pool. Offering a unique 3-dimensional effect, glass beads appear to shimmer along with the water, resulting in a spectacular look.  



By far the most luxurious, tiled swimming pools establish a high-end look and offer an incredibly smooth surface finish. Popular in up-market resorts and hotels, tile finishes are an excellent option for all swimming pools and create a beautiful, inviting pool water colour.  

With an endless range of colours, sizes, patterns and effects, tiles give you total control and freedom with how your pool can look, resulting in a stylish, unique finish suited to your exact desired look.  


Coping Stone and Waterline Tiling

Many pool owners like to blend and contrast different styles to achieve a unique look. Your coping stone can be made from a variety of materials including granite, limestone, travertine and marble in multiple colour choices, profiles and sizes. The waterline tiling of your pool (usually a 200mm band of tile on the interior of your pool below the coping stone) can be subtle and blended or contrasting and distinct. Options range from a single coloured ceramic tile, a flecked glass mosaic or a patterned border tile in various colour options.  


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With over 130 years of combined experience, you can count on the award-winning pool builders at Premier Pools to custom design and construct the perfect concrete pool for you. To find out more about concrete pool finishes or enquire about building a new pool, please get in touch with our team. Call us today on (02) 9415 8888 or contact us online